Always post without any of the DLC checked (except perhaps the race you are using). The reason they are checked is a bug in the game. You’ll be doing everyone a favor if you uncheck them before posting a challenge (did you not know you were supposed to do that?)The game won’t let you download a race you don’t have, but leaving the DLC checked makes it seem like your challenge is every race. I do believe there is a fix comming in version 1.48 that fixes this (I thought that fix was promised in the Nomad DLC, but it did not seem to work).

On another topic:

Would be awesome.

I also think an Empire/Alliance only NEC would be cool.

ok, I have deleted previous NEC 4-6, modified it and reposted it again as “NEC 4-6 not stationary” and unchecked all DLCs except for swarms as Ramcat suggested

this one beats the same or even better and keeps on moving
Ramcat, plz check if u can access it

Joecairo, try ur frigates on it :slight_smile:

Works GREAT!!

Yup I can download and play it (so should everybody else be able to now).

Nice decoy ships into the corner (assuming corner banging is a fair tactic). It is your fighters that do me in though. Perhaps a few tweaks…

Nice! Those two tanks made all the difference…half my fleet got stuck in the bottom corner while your cruisers and fighters demolished the other half.

Back to the drawing board for me :wink:

NEC 4-8 up. Order Missiles. Pretty close to 4-6 but with armor wall.

Also, I think 4-6 can really benefit if you replace 25% of your scramblers with smart bomb.

but smart bombs destroy my missiles as well!!!

btw, can u repost, the download is corrupt!


Actually you are right about that. Keep forgetting that near stationary fleet doesn’t mix well with plasma.

thanks for the tip
NEC 4-9 is up

4-10 posted. Tribe plasma spam. Sorry, I really only know how to play tribe :smiley:

I didn’t bother testing against 4-7 because I am so tired of armor walls and long drawn out fights, so I’ll take that one as my by.

To my understanding - You can not skip yet. you can skip one every complete 5
so u can skip one from 1 to 5
then have to beat 6 to 9 until 10 is posted then u can skip one from 6 to 10

4-11 is up, beats everything so far. Spent 8 hours tweaking it, no doubt it’ll be beaten in 10 minutes :frowning:

These NECs can be pretty time consuming eh?

NEC 4-12 is up Very Powerful Frigate SPAM
beats all except 8 (I love this rule :slight_smile:

Na people can use their skips from anything they want except the latest one.

Just for the record, 4-10 does beat out #7. Seems like I was worried for nothing :wink:

u mean 8 :wink:
This NEC is doing much better than the previous one which got messed up as most of us skipped one or two challenges

  • the skip rule + no Utopia which made us explore other strategies

Lol I thought it’s cuz we don’t have to deal with 1000 Serenity Fighters. NEC1 was such a pain.

4-13 posted. Beats all except for 4-3.

This :wink:

NEC 4-14 up. Alliance Plasma, beats all so far.