NEC 5 with a twist

May I start a new NEC 5

Basic NEC rules + can skip 1 in 5
each player must play all 8 races - NO duplication, i.e. once u use a race, u can not use it again. so be wise!.

Winning Condition:
The first player to spend all his 8 races is the WINNER (thanks THC)

This NEC is going to be very stratigic and require a lot of thinking.
so I have started with my Empire Race that I do not know what to do with, so I got one out of the way :wink:

search it by map, it starts by 00_NEC5

hope u like it

So the first person to use all 8 races wins? :stuck_out_tongue:

nice one, so if u manage to use all 8 races u win, i will modify the rules. thanks
hmm, but then it can not be called “NEC”. does not matter. spend all 8 and u win

NEC 5-2 posted with my, by now traditional, Utopia-Serenity entry.

oh, u should have saved the best for last!

NEC 5-3 is up, Alliance missiles.

NEC 5-4 is up

NEC 5-5 posted, fast rebel cruisers.

Starting to wish I’d gotten the Empire out of the way now haha…

I really want to see the empire fleet that can take NEC 5-2.

follick, u dropped that bomb (NEC 5-2) and ran away!, hehe
jump in man and continue!

NEC 5-6 is up
another Frig Spam, this time it is Federation

How does the “skip 1 in 5 rule work?”

I have a fleet that runs the gauntlet, but it needed to skip 2 (#3 and #6). Can it be posted as 5-7?

BTW - it’s an Empire fleet, and it takes on 5-2 without any issue. :wink:

welcome to NEC 5
u can not skip the last challenge, u have to beat it i am afraid

skipping rule is as follows:
u can skip 1 in every group of 5
so skipping #3 is fine
skipping #6 would have been ok if it was not the last one.

can you send it to me as a retaliation, I would like to see it

good luck

Sure - what should I have it retaliate against?

against NEC 5-4

Even better - I’ll post 5-7. Had to skip 5-3 and 5-4.

Mind you, this one doesn’t do as well against 5-2 as the prior incarnation, which, because I’m a bonehead about making ship adjustments w/out backing up, I can’t quickly recreate.

So…after some testing, NEC 5-5 still beats everything that’s come after it. Mwahahahaha!

Imperials coming soon, once I can figure out my air defence :frowning:

yes NEC 5-5 has some potential
I want to see ur NEC 5-8 before I post mine :-p

5-8 posted.

I don’t expect to win, since I came in late, but I do expect to make things difficult :wink:

Let me know if anyone is one race away from winning. Then I can unleash my tribe bomb FGJ!

Hi THC, what took u so long!

NEC 5-9 is up, swarm frig spam

Edit: n/m I’m stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

5-10 posted. Rebels this time.

Those armored cruisers take FOREVER to kill. How did you get them so tough?