I think NEC4 is winding down, and it’s time to start a new one. But this time, I want to try something a little different.


[size=150]The Never Ending Challenge X1 (The X stands for Xtreme!!!111)[/size]

All the standard general rules apply, including STW’s rule that you can skip one challenge every 5.

This map has some interesting properties and supply limits, which I hope will make things more dynamic and balanced (and fun!) Hopefully, this will pull us away from the standard tribe spam and frigate spam. I spent some time thinking about how to best change things up. Obviously, not everyone would agree with some of the limits, but I hope you guys will give it a try, anyway. If something becomes ridiculously overpowered with these settings, then at least it won’t be any of the usual suspects, and we can have some fun figuring out what that is.

Anyway, the map details and explanations are as follows:

1000 pilot, 100,000 credit limit (Self Explanatory)

+100% shields - I agree with STW’s aim to buff up shields in the previous NEC to indirectly balance tribe, but I don’t think he went far enough. The reason being, tribe actually doesn’t receive any penalties by taking a shield in comparison to other races. E.g., for tribe, multiphasic shields will absorb ~30050% + 100200% = ~350 damage, whereas for normal ships, multiphasics will absorb ~300 + 100 = 400 damage. There is hardly any difference… and that’s BEFORE taking into account stacking penalties. With 200% shields, multiphasics will absorb 500 damage for tribe and 700 damage for others. That’s still nowhere near the purported “50% penalty” but hopefully, it’s enough.

-25% speed
- With such a huge buff to shields, CL rushes and/or frigate spams would be way too strong. Hopefully this provides enough counterbalance. Hopefully, this also prevents 1000x fighter spam from being dominating like in NEC3, although still making it a viable strategy.

Supply Limits, completely restricted modules:

Frigate Restrictions: Beam Laser, Small Beam, Ion Cannon, Shield Generators 1, 2, turbo Shields - Basically, with 200% shields, frigate spam would be way too good. Hopefully, taking away all the big hitters and heavy shield modules will cause frigate spammers to at least think about it.

Cruiser Restrictions:
Reflective Shields - I just think they were too good for their price. Also, maybe the underpowered fusion beams and proton beams will get some play.

Tractor Beams - Too brainless.


1000 pilot, 100,000 credit limit

+100% shields
-25% speed
Frigate Restrictions:
Beam Laser, Small Beam, Ion Cannon, Shield Generators 1, 2, Turbo Shields
Cruiser Restrictions:
Reflective Shields
Tractor Beams

The first challenge is #4619898, 00_NECX1 - A feeble squad of 16 fighters.

Good luck, Captains!

I foresee missile spam will dominate on this map. I don’t think 2x shield is that much better than the Utopia CL rush on a normal map. Now combine that with the missile spammer having 2x shield, and rush will still lose to a missile spam with 2 CL just the same. Now add a speed penalty, and the frigate bans, and you don’t have much options left.

Also, I personally use Shield 2 more than Reflective… It’s not like Fed are anywhere to be found on NEC/SAC. Though maybe a pure fusion fleet might work on this map.

Anyway I made a pretty useless fleet for NEC X-2, but at least it will be a pain for those without sufficient air defense.

NEC X-3 posted

NEC3 is repeating itself. this is no fun I am afraid!

#4 posted. Beam spam.

Missile spam may dominate, but… let’s see it, STW :]

ZGeneral: the fighters in these challenges are nowhere near as tough as the ones in NEC3, due to the fact that they’re so much slower. What I just did was plop 2x defense lasers and sufficient armor on all my cruisers, and that was more than sufficient. You don’t even need fighter decoys.

On another note, I’m pretty sure frigates were over-nerfed. My bad…

I’ll give this a try once this comes out for Steam on Mac’s.
But this sounds like missile spam.

Try building a group of anti-missile, high shield/armor cruisers and wall your attack ships off with them. All of a sudden, by doubling shields, you take that from a viable tactic to a game-ender

NEC X-5 up, Tribe Missile Spam.

Don’t know what happen to Z General’s, said it was removed from server.

Edit: Wait NM I just saw he reposted. I will delete my version in a few minutes

Edit: He just deleted his challenge again. Since I beat it before he deleted I will just post my as NEC X-6.

sorry for the mess.
everything is restored to order
my 5 beats all before me
and ur 6 beats my 5

I wanted to add a challaenge to this BUT! ! I can not as i do not have the DLC that increses shields. SOOOO phoey on you all ! and Ugh I have to get the DLC soon™.


Can’t tell if you’re jokeing or not. Its a map property that increases shields, you don’t need any DLC :).

Just like the “Spatial Anomalies” in the game, you can create those on your own challenges by creating a custom map. Luckily the game downloads the map with the challenge so it is straight forward and easy. That’s why posting your NEC challenge from an NEC map keeps the restrictions of that NEC in place (at least the ones the map can enforce).

#7 posted. More beam spam.

very frustrating
too slow. too slow. too slow
too many fighters, skipping is useless as we have 2 fighters fleets in the first 5
no tractors!
no frigates!
I am out, sorry!

May I ask how often 7 beats 6? Since I just beat it using 6 with 48% left.

Yup it’s basically no rush… Either MWM, Plasma, or Fusion Beam. Pretty much a long range war.

I tried #6 twice and won both times. I’ll try it again later.

Um In what DLC sdoes it allow you to set up shields higher than 100%? I only have the ability to decress the shields, engines, and range.

My bad! :slight_smile: I was certain when setting up custom maps you could do that… and I haven’t tried to download one of these challenges yet…

Now how do I get this egg off my face…

You can change the shields to whatever you want by editing the map text file.

STW, I just tried it out again and won. Not sure why you’re getting different results. Maybe I posted the wrong fleet, so I reposted it again.

None, those maps are created through text editing.