Need a Little help


I am in a dispute with STEAM, from where I bought your great game.

Now STEAM has Shut Down All Access to all my games (50-60) including yore, I have proof of purchase from STEAM I can email you.

Just looking for a way to get access back to the game I bought.

Please let me know what I can do, as it looks like a Legal Battle is starting with STEAM. Which will take a long time.

Thanks if you can help,

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Steam do not even provide me with the contact details or information on individual purchasers of the game, so i am completely cut out of the loop regarding your situation , sorry :frowning:

Thanks any way.

Never knew how bad STEAM could be, until they sold me a game that did not work, Not GSB, even the Developers said they had no idea what was broken.

But STEAM will not refund, and if you call them on it they shut down access to your account and you lose ALL your games.

Now it is up to the lawyers, hopefully I’ll get to play GSB again in 3-4 years.


heh heh. look on the bright side, at least by that time you’ll have a LOT more features on GSB to look forward to. :smiley: