Need a tiny bit of help

So I’m trying to start a mod similar to the State Union mod with a different storyline. Unfortunately I’m brand new at modding the game, currently I’m trying to create a policy based off a tutorial in the Demo1 modding forum, which clearly seems to be outdated as I look at another policy I’ve downloaded from here. The code is below if anyone would mind helping me find the issue.

#,insertion,Insertion,tax,"An insertion tax for birth.",TRUE,TAX,0,0,0,2,5,20,0,#Effects,"Parents,0.5-(0.1*x)",

Thanks in advance for help.

What I find useful is to copy any policy from the policies file and paste it into the new TXT file (in the policies folder under MyDocuments). Then I walk through the fields, replacing as I go, but never changing commas.

If you have questions about D2 policy fields, first see the policy modding page, and then see the column headers in the original policy file.