[need help]game chrash >:(

i was modding the game then i got this Failed to find race:.\src\SIM_Race.ccp130 i treid deleting everything GSB realeted and reinstaling still no luck any help?

There is either a ship with a race entry that you no longer have
(try renaming \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\ships
or you have seelcted a race that no lonegr exists
(try renaming \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\config.txt

tried both still crashes

try renaming the whole gratuitous space battles folder.

still crashes

Look back at what you were modding and check the restricted = “” in the modules and hulls
the race name is case sensitive

i took everything out(i pretty sure of this) so put the missing race/ship one back ill try when i can get on the correct computer.

well i thinked im fucked my brother deleted my files that i was modding

now that has gotta hurt :frowning:
When i mod, i use a usb stick because i have lost much work when a computer packed up.

did he empty the recycle bin?

even if he did, there’s this restoration utility:


I’ve used it myself, very very handy!

Of course, there’s Eraser (google it) if you want to really delete something (by scrambling the 1s and 0s a ridid # of times)

hopefully you’ll get your files back!

nice app still cant get file what files do i need back in the game the hull or module files?