NEED HELP making mods !

oh my! I was trying to make my DIY ship be in game but I can only find nothing in the ship hull chooser of my race ! I have checked all my txts and they should be alright.Can anybody help me with it?

Well, you have come to the right place.

I will need you to do 2 things.

  1. package up your mod and post a download link to it. (Or post the code below if your confident that its to do with the hull file.)
  2. Have a read of the 2 threads mentioned below.

[Guide] GSB Modding 101
Problem? Ask a modder

While you read through these thread identified above, I or one of our Friendly Community Modders, will look through your mod and see what is happening. Then when we provide feedback, you will be able to understand what we are talking about when we explain it. (sometimes we tend to use jargon :p)

Thanks verymuch! However, I found that there is nothing wrong with the txts, but that I forgot to place a folder of my ship under the bitmaps folder. But I still thank you very much. I will try my best to public my mod as fast as I can. There is going to be nine races in the final public version.

By the way ,is there a good way to find coordinates of my ship? It’s really hard for me to find them.

The editor that comes with GSB is not a bad way to find co-ords of points on a ship

Well I have tried the way that is posted on the forum but it didnt work . Could you please post some sreenshot to show me how to find that editor?

I should have mentioned, it does not work for Mac.

Could you outline what you did, if your on a PC we should be able to get it to work.

First I made a shortcut of GSB.exe on the desk than I add “-editor” after the goal.But nothing happened . Could you give me some screenshots about how to find it? My computer is not Mac.

Just to make sure

To activate the editor, find your shortcut for GSB and change your target from:
For Example:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe”
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe” -editor

(Note the Inverted Commas.)

Start in stays the same:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles”

First I made a shortcut of GSB.exe on the desk than I add “-editor” after the goal.But nothing happened . Could you give me some screenshots about how to find it? My computer is not Mac.

I can not imagine how the screenshot will be of any help, but here it is.
Once you have made the correct modifications to the GSB shortcut as mentioned above, you get this.

Out of curiosity, what is your version of GSB ?

1.62. I mean that could you post a tutorial about how to find that ship editor (BETTER WITH PICTURES OR SCREENSHOTS!!!).That will be helpful.

How to activate the Hull Editor.

Requirements: PC Version
Note: the following guide was written for Windows XP running GSB from a short cut. The same general principal applies if you you are using other versions of windows or running GSB through steam.

Step 1:
Locate the GSB Icon
Step 2:
Right click on the icon and select Properties
Step 3:
add -editor to the end of the target, the rest stays the same

Step 4:
Apply changes and run the game.
If you have followed the steps correctly you will have a new option next to the Exit Button called Hull Editor

Thanks!!! Now I get it worked! Thank you verymuch! I also hope that you can share this on the 101 forum .

You have this thing, I think it’s called “Endless Patience”.

It baffles me.


Since I like GSB and the mods made by this community (e.g. Snow Pirates), if someone is having an issue making a mod, it is worth my while helping someone continue (or start) with their mod so I might be able to play it in the future. :slight_smile:

Hehe. :3

At some point I’ll start updating the mod again. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard for Isaiah (FlavoredPickle) (Who now happens to be a good friend of mine thanks to the Positech forums and my Snow Pirates mod!) to make textures while he’s studying for assignments and such.

Well now that I’m in the second semester ,and I’ve got programming. Know what that means? That’s right. Not doing programming and working on graphics which are much more entertaining to work on :slight_smile:

Well guys now my modding become lot easier but I still don’t get well with the editor. Are there any tutorials about editor using? Another question is that now I don’t have good bitmaps resources. So if anybody shares how you make your own ship pictures or good resources website will help me a lot.

Most of the editing I do is via Notepad. When it comes to placing damage, hulk points etc, then I use the ingame editor.

As for making the graphics for the ships.

  • All of my ships are direct kitbashes of the original game.
  • The original ships were modeled in 3D by using lightwave
  • Some people have used sketchup in google.
  • others have sourced sprites from other games such as battleships forever
  • or they have just googled through thousands of images till they find resources they can use straight or kitbash into what they want