Need Help Please.....

ok 6 years into the game I have a job as a drummer making 55+k. I know all the instruments, I am making royalties of over 300$/wk. So I have the $$ part covered.

However my problem is with my friends. No matter how much I go out with them (matching up interests). Even to the poin tof paying for everything A LOT. I can never get the #'s on the Social Kudo’s page over 4.0.



It says on the page that the % has to be at/over 20%. Well no matter what I do I can never get the number between me and ANY of my friends over 4.0!

What am I missing here?

lots of factors come into play. make sure you spend some time with that person alone, rather than in huge groups, as you wont spend as much time with them. when you do invite other people make sure they have similar interests to each other, and pick a good event that they all like. Some movies are rubbish (buy the film guide) so don’t go and see them. Don’t do outdoor sports when its raining and remember only to socialise when you are happy (if your motivation is friendship, rather than cheering yourself up).

Ok I will try all those things thanks Cliff.

Maybe I wasn’t happy enough or doing enough duo things.

Ok Cliff I tried all the ideas you gave me. Still however the # (ie 4.0) between me and another person will not go up past the 4.0 point.

I still feel like I am missing something here. Because even though I get to 99-100% Happiness, and take the same person out 3-4 times a week to different places they like. I still can’t get past that 4.0 plateau. :frowning:

Any other ideas?

Oh and also if I miss even one day with that person they drop from 4.0 to around 1.9. So while I am “smoozing” that one friend, EVERY other friend of mine is at 0.0 after 2-4 days.

I thought on the social kudos screen that 4.0 was the highest you could attain between friends. Its never been over 4.0 for me.

I thought on the social kudos screen that 4.0 was the highest you could attain between friends. Its never been over 4.0 for me.

Really? Then what does the 20% talked about about on the social Kudos screen refer to?

See that could be the piece that I am missing for all this to make sense…maybe. :wink:

Ok, just double checked the code. 4.0 is the limit for kudos generated for a friendship. The numbers between the poratraits are the amount of kudos being generated by that relationship. if that number isn’t 0, then you are doing well. you can’t actually see that 20% figure directly, its shown partly by the strength of the line between the two portraits. if that line is pure white, its maximum, if its very transparent, then it’s weak.
There is a point where a relationship between two people you know gets so strong that it is ‘self sustaining’. This means that you don’t need to keep introducing those people any more, they will socialise together independently of you, but you still get the social credit for it, by being a matchmaker.
Relationships between them and you, do need to be maintained though.
that number is moddable, and its called:

if their relationship isn’t that strong, it will gradually deteriorate by

So it sounds like your relationships are fine, just try and build up mroe of them :smiley:.

Thanks for explaining all that Cliff, it all makes sense now. :slight_smile: