Need help with Error Message

Hello. I am new to the Kudos game and this is my first post on the forum. I am getting an error message that reads: Error: Access Violation at Ox004E9E27 (tried to read from Ox081352000),program terminated. Can anyone help?

LOVE this game! My teen daughter loves it too. This is the only thing that we both enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

when do you get this error?

This error message comes from the bigfish version of the game that I bought first. I tried to add one of the mods from the Modding forum but I must have messed up something. Being the most technically challenged person in the universe, I should have left it alone.

I bought the Positech version which is way better anyway. Got an error message from that one too, (please see other message from me, auntpearl.)