need help

ive been trying my hardest on the ambush survival and i always seem to fail on the wave where you see ships cloak for the first time and have plasma weapons. ive tried all sorts of weapon combi, and still die at that stage or a little after, any tips?

most of my ships look like this:
beam weaponx2 or 3
missile x2 or 3
missile scrambler
crew module III
cruiser engine I
and as many shield generators as i can fit with power gens

i tried plasma weapons as well, but most shots miss and it seems that the CPU ones hit more often lol

Are those cruisers only? You could try to have some fast fighters there too or some repair modules on your ships.

fighters arnt allowed on this mission

that’s the beauty of spatial anomalies. anyway, i think you should REALLY put some repair modules on, like mr. weedy suggested. or you could get more modules with honor if you don’t already have them all. also, it might not be such a good idea to use as many shields as you can. the stronger the shields are, if there’s more than one, the less effective they are.