Need help

I have just started on making a Norway mod, but cannot run it yet (as I haven’t made all the files I assume). Why does it not work? Can anyone take a look at it?

Norway appears as a choice in the in-game mod-folder, and I can see the flag and the country info, and I can choose terms and such, but it crashes the moment I try to actually start it. What files are absolutely needed to run a mod? I haven’t stared on making the actual policies and simulations yet, but would love to be able to see my changes in-game while I do the modding.

This is what I have currently made:

Why is this not playable yet? What am I missing?

(I am just trying to make it playable, and intend to tweak and mod after that. The current policies are just tests).

Hey man! I have found your mistakes. You are my debtor :slight_smile:
I’ll try to explain your mistakes for future modding but my english is too far from good. I hope you will understand my words.

First main mistake is file ‘Norway\data\missions\norway\Norway.txt’ names_file = "data\names\norwegiannames.txt" Right code is full path names_file = "Norway\data\names\norwegiannames.txt"

Second main mistake is different titles of your testlaw. Look file ‘Norway\simulation\policies.csv’. You called it ‘testlaw’ but last line of file ‘Norway\data\missions\norway\Norway.txt’ contains name ‘Testlaw’. It is reason of second error if you checked first error.Use same principle of naming new policies, situations, simulations.

Thirdly, you should balance amount of GDP and Debt. I am making own mod ‘Russian Federation’ and i have used next method. Take real amount of GDP of your country at certain date. It is showed in dollars. Convert to your national currency by using exchage rate at this date. It will be your min_gdp. Multiply it by 3-5 times. It is your max_gdp. Take real amount of debt of your country at this date. Convert to your national currency. Look real yearly amount of state incomes and expenditures. Try to get this numbers by using wealth_mod which multiply all. Sure you should change percentage of your expenditures and income policies to reach it. When you will have reached desirable amount of state revenues and expenditures at the start of game you should divide wealth_mod in 4 because 1 turn = 3 month.

Fourthly, you have made mistake in your new policy. Look pic. Your new ‘tax’ will be your expenditures

A little improvements which i can advise you are:

  1. change name of your currency. Name ‘NOK’ is too long to be showed.
  2. file ‘Norway\data\missions\norway\Norway.txt’ contains twice policy ‘Narcotics’ with numbers ‘0’ and ‘0.1’

With best regards

Thanks a lot!! I owe you…

Now that it runs, I will start adjusting the GPD-debt ratio agains the wealth_mod now, as well as tweak and add policies until it is somewhat similar to the current norwegian state budget, and the norwegian context. And thanks for reminding me to devide the wealth_mod by 4. I would not have remembered unless you told me!!

Thanks again for looking at it, and for all the comments. Looking forward to see the Russian mod :wink: