Need more zoom :(

Anyone else feel being able to zoom out a bit more would make things more gratuitious? Current zoom levels are kinda eh, especially when you have really large ships duking it out at really long distances. A larger zoom out level would make it a whole lot cooler :smiley:

What do you folks think? Is there a way to mod the camera so it zooms out more or is it hard-coded in?

I agree, itโ€™s very hard to keep track of things on a large map. Even smaller battles could use a wider-angle zoom. At least 1/2x the current minimum.

Currently it is hard coded, but technically trivial to make it moddable. I may well do this, as a halfway point to properly supporting more zoomed out play which would scale back some of the graphics to enable smooth framerates at maximum zoom.

That would be awesome. Actually, being able to screenshot the entire battlefield at the start would be particularly cool (and useful for challenge discussion, potentially).

Iโ€™d just like to second the request for the ability to get wider in the view. Iโ€™d love to be able to watch all my little death dealers at once.

I think the starfield stuff messes up, but in principle it works. I may try and get it in as a hackable workaround in the next patch, before really doing it right.