Need to redownload

Hey, my computer recently crashed and I had to do a complete system restore, losing all my downloaded games in the process. I no longer have my order email with the full download link for Kudos 2 (i usually save those, but i guess i forgot with that one). Am I outta luck or is there a way to get Kudos 2 back without having to buy it again?

Cliffski will probably see this thread but if not, just email him and he can resend the download link to you. I’ve lost and restored Positech games a couple times like that before… I think it was with Positech that I even got a free OS change one time when my old gaming PC died and I only had an OSX machine available.

It’s a bit late for you, but if anyone out there is looking for an open source (read: free) utility to synch up your computer with an external hard drive for backup purposes, I ran across one called Toucan recently. It seemed to work well, although the interface is a bit clunky. I’m backing things up to a new hard drive as I type this. (Yes, I’ve got two back up hard drives…I’ve been burned before by a lack of backup!) The URL for Toucan is

There are also a lot of commercial apps out there that do the same thing, so if you don’t like this one, download some demo versions and see which ones you like.

Hi, just email me at and I can sort it out (if you haven’t done so already).

I really need to get a more organised backup system myself…

Backups are for chumps! Livin’ on the edge, backup-free, now that’s where it’s at. Who’s with me? Throws up his hand for a high-five

Wayno, dazed and slightly confuzzled

Thanks for everything, but as it turns out, my sweet boyfriend had backed up the files on a disc and tucked it away in a safe place, so i was able to get my games put back on. Thanks again, anyway. :slight_smile: