Negative damage?

Is it possible for a weapon to have negative damage? Has anyone tried this before?
I was thinking about some sort of “Red Cross” series of modules, that help the enemy yet give you power, crew, and even a bit of money.
So does anyone know?

I tried a negative damage beam trying to make a repulsar weaon, didn’t work and didn’t heal the ship.
However that does not mean i am correct . . I say give it a shot and you might discover something new

wtf?, why i didn’t tried that?? xD

Ah, but this is why i am a Modding Guru of the Friendly Community Mod Squad :slight_smile: <>
I am constantly thinking of different options and methods for the modules. . . Mind you, my kooky combinations often end up as failures rather than sucesses.

You can give weapons negative damage but from my tests the ship will deal 0 damage and 0 knock back to the enemy. I haven’t seen anything special when doing that.

Make it a missile? Add radiation payload w/ massive damage and little time. You have a no-knockback weapon? Can you directly modify radiation damage loads? With creative work with missile speed you can make it do some crazy stuff.

No, the missile need to do 1 hull damage for radiation to take effect.