Nerf the Achilles

The Achilles has the exact same problem that the Atlantis used to have: it’s too far above the curve compared to every other fighter hull. The reason is that it generates too much power to be balanced. It’s currently the only fighter hull that can mount a fighter laser and engine without requiring a generator, which makes it the only laser fighter that can cross the speed threshhold to near-immortality. The problem is that it makes every other factions’ laser fighters completely obsolete: it will kill them all in dogfights, and any defense against fighters must be built to withstand Achilles-class cheese - which means those defenses will utterly obliterate regular laser fighters without breaking a sweat. This fighter hull is seriously warping the game: reducing it’s power output to 4 would still give it a leg up over most fighters (which seems to be a rebel trait), but won’t allow it to completely overshadow all other possible fighters.

You could reduce its power output to 4.99 and still accomplish the primary goal of forcing it to actually have some kind of power generator. I’ve always been somewhat bemused by the concept of a hull generating power. If I were to build a custom car, I would not expect the frame to generate any power prior to me installing, say, an engine. It makes more sense to me to have hulls provide some default crew space (like fighters all provide a crew space of 1).

This would be a more serious change than say, lowering the Achilles to a mere 4.75 power output. So I second Corbeau’s suggestion, nerf the Achilles in the simplest way possible.

Yep, it needs a nerf. Currently challenges are either (A) easy to smash through with the Achilles, or (B) easy to smash with pretty close to anything else at all.

With 4.99 power it would still be the best fighter, but it’ll have to carry the weight and cost of a power plant, so it’ll be a much narrower margin.

With 4.0 power, it’d probably lose the crown of best fighter to the Icarus (with the Leopard looking pretty solid too) :wink:

I’m planning on doing this for 1.18, either today or more likely tomorrow.