Network code

on a flakey connection, quite often the game will fail on startup with blank errors - giving “yes/no” options. and the game will stop running. a browser on the same connection will often get timeouts on websites, but refreshes work - and the same with gsb… try again, it’ll likely work.

another network problem… if you get a personal best™ score on survival, click ‘post score online’ and then the game … hangs for a bit, fails to post the score (and goes back to the deployment screen in an interesting state. it had a small window titled ‘encounter at …’ with no content, closing that the deployment screen was as normal) - your score is now lost. i appreciate all the “omg hackers are going to beat my score” sky-fallers over in the main forum, but it would be very nice if results … challenge or survival could be queued until the server acknowledges that it’s got them. whether your network connection is flakeypants, or you were on a plane at the time… if someone wants to post fake scores, they’re going to. they’ll be found out, and people will shun them - simple enough.

it’s really very unhappy about any sort of network failure. i can see playing without a hardline will entail a degree of not worrying about scores :slight_smile:

the blank window-frame seems to be the highscore table, but with nothing in it.