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First post: I’ve been playing Kudos 2 now just for a few days after getting it for a real bargain. A quick question, and my apologies if this has been answered elsewhere:

I’m pursuing a Science career track, and decided to take the evening class in Neuroscience. But I’m not seeing a specific career in Neuroscience. Does taking this course help in some particular way? Will it help me get promotions faster in my current job?

I think the same is true of the Molecular Biology course. What is the function of these evening classes?


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Glancing through the game files, there appears to be an evening class for Neuroscience, but that’s the only reference. As such, I believe it’s (unfortunately) pointless to actually complete that (expensive) class. Perhaps you should add a “job” to the game with Neuroscience skill as a prereq. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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On a possibly related note, has anyone had much luck with their scientific theories? I learned a whole bunch of various sciences and kept my IQ as high as I could, but all I’ve gotten so far is ridicule.