New Alpha feedback v1.06

I am loving the new D4 - thanks for an awesome niche product.

I’d love to see a few things like the below, I definitely think some are there already:

  • bidding for, winning and staging major sporting events like the Olympics, sliders for how much money poured into athletes and then gold medal tally to contribute to patriotism, happiness
  • election results being not just based on popularity or intention to vote - opposition parties having a base layer of support making winning elections harder.
  • a global pandemic (did I really just say that?)
  • a brexit scenario
  • ability to let ministers act more as advisers
  • disasters, scandals, issues to increase as your gov gets more popular
  • ability to become a global super power so that if you are doing well, you have more motivation to keep going other than to reduce debt
  • ability to create a set of reports that you can ‘keep an eye on’ each quarter - although ministers have started to advise of issues before they occur

That is my list for now. It really is a great game already though. Well done!

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Thanks! and thanks for the feedback :smiley: