New Aussie Themed Restaurants!

Well we had to have a contribution from our side of the pond!

Restaurants.csv add

#,australianrestaurant,outbackjacks,Outback Jack’s,Chuck another Shrimp on the Barbie!,11,CHEAPO
#,australianrestaurant,crikeys,Crikey’s,“Quality, family-style Australian Food inspired by Steve Irwin.”,30,MIDRANGE
#,australianrestaurant,uluru,Uluru,Smoky Outback backdrop and filled with mouth watering Aussie Delights,52,HIP
#,australianrestaurant,rutherglen,Rutherglen,“Experience the finest wines and cuisine Australia has to offer, all prepared by our award winning chefs.”,78,SNOOTY

social_events.csv add
#,RESTAURANT,australianrestaurant,Australian Restaurant,“Kangaroo Steaks, Emu Bread and a Didgeridoo.”,restaurant, ,I know a great Aussie restaurant in town. Are you interested?,0,VARIABLE,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“food,0.4”,“conversation,0.3”,“wine,0.2”,“australianfood,0.7”,#,#,"_energy,0.20",

interests.csv add
#,australianfood,Australian Food,0.5,LOW,food

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Great job! Makes my mouth water just reading the descriptions. :slight_smile:

Looks hilarious.

Just a question from someone across the pond; I was under the impression that “shrimp on the barbie” was a false stereotypical American idea of Australian food?

A friend of mine left for Australia some ways back and reported that the traditional foods of Australia are actually not BBQ shrimp/prawns, but rather meat pies and Vegemite. Is that truly the case, or have I been fed an urban myth?

Hmm i might be able to set straight this Aussie idea. I myself am Australian an I can honestly tell you I’ve never had shrimp/prawns BBQ-ed or otherwise. As for meat pies and Vegemite… meat pies = awesome Vegemite = disgusting!! (though this is just my opinion) lol

But still great idea on the restaurant! I love the Aussie acknowledgement!!