New Balance Changes v1.37

“10) Balance: A number of balance changes have been made.”

so what are they?

I, too, am quite curious. cliffski, would you be willing to provide a list of said balance changes, please?

These are the changes.

Thanks, Bluebreaker! Interesting stuff indeed.

So after the ensuing discussion, the original changes went in as written, and no others? Are you sure?

Apart from decoy launcher I think so.

Then why ask?

Well strictly talking, he only asked for troughs on his proposed changes.

You’re right. I was just hoping that some of the least useful gear would become more useful. I can’t find fault with any of the changes, I just wish they went farther. For example, are any of the Order fighters useful or different yet?

The frigate armor boost is pretty significant, especially for ones with existing hull armor bonuses.