New Battle Breakdown

I’ve got to say, I find the new battle stat breakdown confusing and almost useless. Its missing some important things that I was hoping would get implemented.

Damage Done, either by a ship, or by your whole group, or even make it so you can select multiple ships, right now, the numberless pie graphs are useless.
You could break it down further and make a “Damage Absorbed by Shields/Armor/Hull” set of stats.

Amount Repaired

Percentage of damage done either by ship or weapon, number of kills for each ship, which ships took the most damage, which ships died first, etc.

Honestly, I would love to see the two numberless pies replaced with just numbers, You could split the screen in half for each side to work independent of the other side.

I appreciate the new stat breakdown overhaul, and I love the fact that your paying attention to that, but right now, the numberless pies are confusing. And lacking numbers.

EDIT: Actually, after going through and looking at the breakdown closer, I realized that you had tooltips which put what the charts were representing in layman’s terms, and have percentages, which makes the pies better, but Im still not a fan of them :slight_smile:

By default all ships are selected. You can click on any of them to remove him from the global picture. That means of course you can also only leave selected the one you want. Still I would like the ability to quickly hide all but one ship in the list.

knowing which ship died first can be done easily enough just by looking at the battle, so i don’t think that needs to be added.

the new system as a whole though i find to be brilliant, there is a lot of useful information in those graphs. for instance the old bar system made it look like the armor on my cursiers was being useful, but having looked more closely at it with the pie chart system i discovered they where only stopping about 6% of damage, since replacing that armor with shields or other useful things my ships have done much better. the only thing i really think the new system needs is some number, for instance ‘the shields stop 450 damage’ were as at the moment the best we can get is ‘the shields stopped 32% of damage’ which makes it harder to compare thing since 32% in one battle might be 2 but 32% in another battle might be 2000…

yeah, I think the new post-game report is a bit of a graphical nightmare too. Concept is good, but simplicity, clarity, and usefulness of information expressed is not there yet.

I’m not 100% happy with it myself, but hopefully its better than it was, and will with any luck, continue to evolve.

Its like night and day. Fantastic new attempt, but considering that I love stats, I just want more personally :wink:

I like that I can see the design name for opponent ships.

You can see if someone is neatly organized or… eccentric.

The biggest issue I had with the previous battle breakdown was that the stupid thing didn’t show all of my ships all the time. I had to have the naval statisticians shunted out the nearest airlock because they kept hiding things from me! As far as I can tell, that has been fixed.

This is definitely an improvement.

it seemed to be that you got info from anything that survived and any cruiser that died, dead frigates and fighters didn’t give you info because they blew up…but yes changing that was an improvement