New battle video

Heres a new video showing how battles look at the moment:

Enjoy :smiley:

The brave Federation lives that were lost will be remembered for the dedication they showed in the war against the Alliance.

Very awesome video. I especially like the motion blur whenever a large missile would shake the screen. It’s that level of detail that makes a great game awesome.

Looking forward to being able to play.

Great progress! Since someone mentioned on the comments, though, one thing stands out (I’m not sure if I’d have noticed if they hadn’t mentioned it). Many (if not all) laser shots seem to hit their target on the underside, and it looks a little odd. Is there a way to make them hit the top, or a mix of both?

Other than that minor thing, it looks excellent. Can’t wait to see it at a higher res!

The smoke trails of the fighters and missiles seem to be too long and bright

The fighters seem to wander around the battlefield aimlessly. I would have thought they would be grouped into squadrons for maxium effectiveness only diverting from this when in a dogfight.