New Blog video (63! Blueprints etc!)


Awesome, looking forward to trying out the Blueprints - First thoughts are that I would like them for all features, meaning all office space slots as well. Especially once you get to the weird shaped research space.

Still holding out home that at some point we can research the ability to rezone office space, import spaces, and export spaces. For lots of money of course.

Appreciate all the great work, enjoy the show.

Yup I must make blueprints work for facilities too, its on my list.

Just found out that if you lay down an extensive blueprint, save, then reload that file, the blueprint does not save. :frowning: I found out after a crash while blueprinting.

That Fit Wheels seems to have bigger problems. The first thing we see it do is use 12 wheels on 1 car. Then at 4:14 wheels get added while it’s full, all while complaining about insufficient resources. Starting at 5:42 I swear I see the stockpile move 1 wheel at a time - and it goes the long way around.

Blueprint saving and loading is on my todo list for tomorrow.
Regarding stockpile component screw-ups, I’m aware of this, and think i’ve fixed it in the current ‘beta’; branch on steam, but am waiting for confirmation of that before i set it live.

In the first clip of the video, you have the z-order bug I reported too :stuck_out_tongue:

(The row of paint nearest the chamber)

Really love the blueprints - awesome feature!