New blog video #90 CHIPS with everything!

Its Sunday which means its time for CHIPS! Chips with everything, including self-driving cars… here is the new Production Line developer blog video:

Hi Cliff,
as an Integrated Chip designer (at Swatch Group R&D) I found your chip slot very funny, not to say very far from the reality of a clean room… However I would not change this funny animation. I am just asking if it makes sens to have such chip production in a car factory: chip production is a very bulky process done in huge factories (just thinking of Intel, Samsung, TSMC, STMicroelectronics… fabs). You could probably have electronic cards done in a car factory but definitely not chips…

T smart junctions from left and right are a good addition. I think the 3 outputs one is not fully necessary while increasing the complexity.

Good continuation, the game still gain in interest and fun…

Yeah the chip making machine is a very rough symbolic representation of the car company making ‘some electronic stuff’, but if you talk about circuit boards or integrated circuits it gets a bit techy and you lose casual gamers, who understand what a chip is and can imagine how they are made :smiley:
Wait until you see the solid lump of silicon that gets fed in as a resource to the slot. That makes it even less realistic :smiley: