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Copied from my Post on You Tube:

Designated Office Areas
I was thinking about this, and I think it would be Ideal that each Map start with a Small area, maybe room for 4-8 research slots to be installed. In order to place more, you would have to research to unlock the ability to designate more space, then the user can define the locations going forward. I think as long as we could place, move, and remove those designated areas (and whatever we place in them) I think it would not feel limited. Plus it would give us the freedom to put them where ever we want. Another thought about this would be limit the amount of floor space to a percentage of the total available, so basically we could never have more than 5 percent of the floor space dedicated to offices. So it would cause us to have to manage the amount used as well, if we only were allowed to designate room for say 20 slots for all office space, we would have to decide on how many were to research, or marketing.

I always like ideas for more research so I admit that the idea of being able to research re-designation strongly appeals to me.