New campaign screenshots

Check it out. … campaigns/

Will this cost money to download for those of us who already have the game?
If so how much?

It will cost money, I’m not sure how much yet.

Then I’ll have to be sure to come up with it to purchase the most anticipated update of the game to date.
Thank you for all the hard work you put in for us!!

Cliffski, just read all the comments on that other site, and previously made my comments to the guy who said ‘is that all’? I’m seeing many users say that if they don’t get into fighting the challenges and some who never find the NECs or SACs or some challenges that engage them.

Well hopefully the campaign will solve that - give those players a needed context for their battles. I think this is where GSB can grow the most. All those ideas put forward in 'The Gamers Wish List" in the suggestions forum, would make more context for battles, random challenges, small sweeps, small ‘endless’ challenges, NECs, SACs, MULTIPLAYER, etc… All these possible modes would give gamers more reason to fight battles if they could get to them through simpler UI controls and screens, rather than the somewhat difficult challenge system.

That said, and not to repeat myself, I’m certain the challenges presented by campaign play will engage many players more than what they have been to date. Also I’m worried that there will be a drop in challenge play while everybody is having fun in the campaign. But while it may take a dip I think it will come back up because more players will be playing GSB. Go Gampaign!!