New challenge posted

Hi all,

I’ve bought GSB and The Tribe a few days ago. Finished the SP battles and am now enjoying the challenges. I’ve posted one of my own. Look up player name HYPERPOWER!, challenge posted today, 24/02/2010. It’s a fairly balanced force with 5 cruisers, a lonely little frigate and a mishmash of fighters. I set the pilot limit at 80, though I believe I only ended up using 60 or so. You can probably beat it easily by spamming fighters. The point limit is 20,000. The map size is 3000*3000. I don’t think you will find it particularly difficult.

I’ve got a question and some suggestions too. I don’t seem to be able to delete challenges that I’ve posted. If I press delete next to the challenge, the progress bar pops up, zooms through, but the challenge just stays in the list. Tried refreshing to no avail.

As for suggestions – I know the space battles are gratuitous and wot not, but it would be great to have some framework for campaign creation. I’d love to be able to string some maps together, let the player build a force at the beginning, then use the honour gained at the end of each map to buy new ships and replace/add modules on the existing ones. Add a screen in between maps to allow for some narrative.

Wonderful game! One of select few that don’t give me a case of buyer’s regret, despite the arguably high price tag.


Hello there! I’ll try out your challenge later.

I’d suggest you post the bug (not being able to delete challenges) in the support section. Otherwise it might get overlooked if you just mention it here in a challenge tread.