New coinpack download

Coinpack by Josef Litobarski

EDIT: I’ve cleaned up the edges of the coins a bit and added some screenshots (below)


Some alternative coins for the budget report screen in Democracy 2. All images printscreened from Wikipedia.
Alpha-channel, resizing and filetype conversion done in GIMP by me! Scanned for viruses with Avast!




Copy the DDS files into “C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\bitmaps” (if you’ve installed Democracy 2 into a different
folder, then substitute “C:\Program Files” for the drive and folder where you’ve installed it)

You can only have one installed at any one time. Choose the one you want and rename it to “” (replacing
the “” which comes with Democracy 2 - BUT MAKE SURE IT’S BACKED UP FIRST!!)

Play the game!

To uninstall: replace “” with the original you backed-up.


The dollar and cent images are solely works of the United States government, are
ineligible for copyright, and are therefore in the public domain.

The copyright on the design of the common face of the euro coins belongs
to the European Commission. Authorised is reproduction in a format without
relief (drawings, paintings, films) provided they are not detrimental to
the image of the euro.

Great, how can I use it on a Mac?

Why don’t you add a screenshot?

Good idea, thanks! I’ve put a couple up now.

Sorry - I’m using the PC version. I might be buying a copy of the Mac version soon, so I could add intstructions if I do. In the meantime, is there anybody with a Mac who could help Fjord?

It would be nice if it was so. I bought Democracy 2 and I absolutely love it, defiantly the best political game I have played. I have been searching the Internet for the last days trying to find how to use Democracy-mods on a Mac.

This is fantastic, great work! would you like me to host the files on the positech server? less hassle for downloaders, and 100% reliable. Just let me know, I don’t want to move your stuff around and look like I’m taking any credit for it.

Hi Cliff

No problem - do whatever you want with it!


Cool, I’ve changed the link to a local one and listed it on the modlist page. It would be cool to work this into the main game, and have it auto-select the right coins too.


I might go over the images one last time in GIMP or Photoshop and smooth out any rough edges to perfection. I also had a look for a pound coin image, but it’s not as easy to find good quality shots of them on the internet. It might be a week or so before I’ve got proper access to the internet to do this, though (I’ve just moved to Italy).

As for auto-selecting the coins - if each mission had a seperate over-ride folder (see this thread) then modders could easily add any coins they wanted!