New Commands


This would be exclusive of escort.
Basicly, the opposite. The ship would not come within a certain distance of another ship out there.


Simple enough. Ships with surround would attempt to have their fleet encircle the enemy forces. But with a special mod, this would result, if lucky enough to pull it off, in a targeting and damage bonus.


The ship would move very erraticly, when it does. Grouping this with always move would make for an extremely efficient group of hit and run forces.


The pertaining ship would shoot only a few shots before changing targets. Very useful for hit and run tactics.
This would also ruin rescuers, making them target the lone ship most of the time.

Splicer can already be done using Rescuer, and the other two are impractical for the challenge format. (There would be no way to save those orders in a challenge, since each challenger will have different ships.)

I really like Surround, for quite a few reasons.
I’ve never before considered the idea of circumstantial damage bonuses based on Orders.

Better yet, its the perfect way to murder those who cluster together.

The rescuer would be good in divergence, in a way, but splicer is a little different. Rescuer is a supportive element, while splicer would be more for the lone gunner kind of ship. It would be more useful in situations where hit and run are applied, along with actually countering rescuers in the first place.

Basicly, splicer makes a ship diverge a whole lot more than rescuer dependant on how many shots per shift you order, and its NOT reliant on whether ships hit your or not. Basicly, it would serve the role of spreading your attacks over the majority of the enemy fleet.

Imagine if a large part of competitive play instead became “How can I surround the enemy without getting myself surrounded…?”

I know what you mean. Edited the post above involving splicer.

They are basicly commands that help to discourage blobbing, and encourage hit and run strategies a whole lot better.

One aspect I love about this game is that the battles are hands off - which is funny considering one of my favorite space games is Master of Orion 2 which I always choose to play tactical battles. Anyway…
I think the evade has good potential, but instead of dodging ships in a friendly fleet, perhaps it could evade a type of enemy ship. This command could lead enemy ships into a trap. There is a great example of an online challenge created by Hannibal that does something similar to this.
You could try using Vulture and Keep Moving, but maybe I’m missing the tactical advantage of this command. Seems you would expose friendly ships to being singled out. Surround would be more helpful if turrets had arc limits or ships had weak points that needed to be exploited. Personally, I would love to see arc limits and shield arcs - features from MOO2 I loved.
All right captain… time to lay off the schnapps. :slight_smile: I don’t know if I see the benefit of an erratic command, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you squashed my fleet by using such a feature. It’s often when you don’t see what’s coming that causes the battle to be lost. However, it brings up an idea for timing…
Wouldn’t it be great to time certain commands? For example, tell your point guard to probe the enemy line for 10,000 miliseconds before retreating back into formation. Or use timing to tell your fighters to hold as reserves for 2 minutes.
Another idea is to create paths you want your ships to follow. Perhaps in this way it appears as though your captain is acting erratically when all the while you are baiting the foolish foes. I’d love to set paths for my frigates to pull fire away from my missile cruisers only to join a portion of my fleet later. Combine this type of command with the timing and you’ve got some great strategic level decisions in the tactical realm of execution.
Fix the “Leave Alone” feature
One thing that bothers me right now is when ships are given commands NOT to fire at a particular type and they still do. I’ve had a number of missile cruisers send off their volley at fast flying rocket jocks milliseconds before the frigates or cruisers enter within range.

That’s under very serious discussion at present. I hope that gets fixed just as much as you do, as it tends to break the game in ways that aren’t really “user-servicable”.

Thought of another…

I’d love to see a feature, even at the expense of accuracy, that allows ship gunners (possibly affects drivers too) to target systems on an enemy ship. Allow a selective ability to determine priorities between offense and defensive systems like missile deflectors and EMP weaponry. This command should allow for bypassing that annoyingly heavy armored meatshield with NO offensive power and NO other strategic importance.

Kinda tired of hearing over the com, “Hey guys, I know our fleet is getting pelted by defenseless missile frigates, but isn’t shooting this asteroid so much fun?”

o_O Interesting perspectives. Thanks for the feedback.