New countries, different challenges


I know I have played Democracy 3 Africa, and there will be a new mod in the next patch in the game. But I realized that it could be used even more if it is done with the different continents.

That would be the following:

  1. Arab countries: it is the opposite of the countries of the western continent, unstable and high presence of rebels. Your mission is to stabilize the political domain and develop without affecting its dedicated culture. It has the advantage of emergency capital and humanitarian aid with NGOs.

  2. Latin American countries: slow in economy, high in corruption. Your mission is to reduce government deficiencies and get ahead economically. It has advantage of unique landscapes and ecological promotion.

  3. Asian countries: powerful but dedicated source of economics, technology and millennial culture. Your mission is to eliminate the defects that are very difficult to solve since the slightest mistake can cause a humanitarian crisis. It has advantage of economic agreements and technological advantage.

  4. African countries (request to return): highly with humanitarian and political problems. Your mission is to restore the country to become a developing country. It has the sale that the terrorists take time to execute at least one murder.

It is all I can say, it is translated in Google Translate. Don’t take it personally. In addition, the countries must be in order according to the difficulty of the priorities.