New Countries?

Just what it says on the tin…ahh…topic title! :wink:

Is there any chance of some new nations being patched in at a later date? D3 is a great game and the only thing I am worried about will be replayability. Having more choices in the country selection might help with that a lot…


Couldn’t help but notice that all the playable countries were western well-off countries. I might want to try playing with a third world country sometime.

Check out the mods page, there already some new countries, and more being added by people on these forums. i wouldn’t rule out extra countries being added later either.

Agree with Deci. Trying to run a country with a stagnant economy and a deeply religious population that resists all modernizing measures to boost the economy would be quite a challenge.

Oh and again great game. Being a one-man studio, game designer and community manager all in one can’t be easy either. Hats of to your your commitment! :slight_smile:

I am so tired!

Yeah, could anyone imagine what an Egypt scenario would be like?