[New Country] Arstotzka V1

Here goes the link, just follow the read-me file.
P.S.: Need someone to do a better flag.

border controls 1.0? :slight_smile:

i’m still working on it, to be real, i’ve started the mod less than 5 minutes ago.

I would have helped out, but I’m not sure how cliffski feels about users who pirate his games.


who is making pirate versions here?

a TXT file to recognise the data files? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a few changes to your mod (mostly cosmetic.)

[]Added a better flag, plus a details flag. I don’t currently have PhotoShop, so I can’t add the “ripple” effect present in other flags myself.
]Added a unique names file (no more british names, yay!) The names present are all the names present in version 1.1.60 (thank you Papers Please Wiki!) Since several names use vary upon gender (ex. Grigorov/Grigorova) and there is (to my knowledge) no mods for gender-specific surnames, both forms have been included. (If the list of names seems long, that’s because it is. Over 650 first names for both genders and over 800 surnames - that’s more than the original six countries combined!)
[]Changed the country to include more Socialists, more Patriots, and less Religious.
]Added a new (albeit brief and needing work) description.
[]Removed the Monarchy (which no Eastern Bloc countries had.)
]Changed the economic cycle to better reflect the 1982 economy (assuming I understand how the “economic cycle start” configuration works.)
[*]Changed the term limit to indefinite, instead of one term.

That being said though, all of the original policies from Velken’s mentioned in the first post remain unchanged.

Here’s the link: filedropper.com/arstotzkamod