[New Country] Bulgaria mod v1.22 (update)


Bulgaria is a country located at the heart of the Balkan peninsula (with the Balkan mountain separating the country in two). Bordering Serbia and Macedonia to the West, Greece and Turkey to the South, the Black sea to the East and Romania to the North. The capital, Sofia, the economic heart of the country, is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its history dating back to 5th century BC. Bulgaria is a member of NATO since 2004 and the EU since 2007.

Can you turn one of the poorest European countries into a prosperous and growing economy? Bulgaria is facing many problems. It is your job to lead it on the right track! (All taxes, rates, figures taken from official sources. Scripts reflecting real world situation)

New version - v1.22

  • Changed economic cycle to after recession
  • Added script to negate homelessness (Grandpa’s apartment, reflecting the 80% private ownership of real estate in Bulgaria)
  • Fixed ratio between GDP and debt, so it reflects the real value - 16,9% as official data shows
  • Fixed Alcohol law to 18+ as is in real life

Version history:


  • Added 53 new quotes from Bulgarian and International thinkers

  • Created a votertypes.csv to reflect situation in Bulgaria (can be found in Bulgaria/data/simulation. Make a backup of original before replacing)

  • Changed surnames to male only, as the game currently does not allow different surnames and puts them randomly.

Demography (reflecting 10% minorities)
Education crisis (avg age of teachers in BG is 57 yrs old) = Teachers shortage
Immigration = brain drain
Mafia = Organised crime
Nationalism = Racial tension
Tax Evasion
Student protests (150 days non stop, still ongoing as of 08/11/2013)

Edited taxes and policies to reflect real world.
Income tax - 10%
Corporate tax - 10%
Sales tax - 20%
Tobbaco tax - 52% (EU excise rates)
Petrol tax - 27% (EU excise rates)

  • fixed a bug where the game would crash when trying to launch the mod.
  • changed default apathy to 0.6
  • made a GOG and Steam installer file for easy setup

Bulgaria Mod v1.22.rar (124 KB)
Bulgaria mod v.122 Steam.rar (387 KB)
Bulgaria mod v.122 GOG.rar (387 KB)

Hey everyone, here is the newest version of my Bulgarian mod. My next task is to create dilemmas, situations and events :slight_smile:
I am open to suggestions and looking forward for some feedback!

Upload it even on Steam Workshop.

I don’t have the steam version of the game, unfortunately.

Ah, ok!

I don’t know where did you get your info from, but most of the things seem to be incorrect.

For example, the population, according to the last official statistics is 7,364,570.
Ethnicity is 84.8% Bulgarian (2011), not 77%. (1990)
Gini coefficient is 35.1 (2011), not 45.4 (2007).
The Inflation rate is 2.5% as of 31 Mar 2013, not 3.0%.
GDP per capita is $15,933, not 14,500.

Even the size is wrong - 110,994 sqr km is the actual one.

Edit: the lenght of the term is also not correct. I checked and it’s actually 4 years, not 5.

Hi did you buiy a GoG copy of the game? if you bought it direct from us, it does come with a steam key, so you should be able to redeem it there and upload the mod if you want to :smiley:

I got my data from the CIA factbook: cia.gov/library/publication … os/bu.html
You’d be surprised, but intelligence services generally have better and more reliable data than the national statistics or wikipedia.

Other than obviously feeling good about yourself about correcting someone on the internet and being obsessed with (easily manipulative and rather irrelevant) numbers, I am interested why is this such a big deal for you and whether you actually tried playing the mod? I would very much appreciate gameplay and not statistics feedback.

Yeah, I got a GOG copy. I am thinking about buying a steam one as a gift around Christmas, so I will make sure to take advantage of the steam version then :slight_smile:

Something needs to be done about the rate at witch peaople get angry enoughf to assasinate you, its imposible to change anythin that is important without geting killed.
And 80% of the people being socialist is not true.I know because i live in Bulgaria.