New country crashing

Just decided to make a new country - never made a mod before, but I figured what the hell, why not - and I’m running into problems getting the mod to do anything. I go into “play”, and an entry appears with no flag, no entry, no data, and it crashes when I try to start - but going through, as far as I can tell, I have the exact same folder structure and contents of any country that does work (not policies; I haven’t even gotten there yet. I just want to see if I can get the thing to start before I get there).

Tried using both JPG and PNG format for the country_flag and country_details.
There is a names file.
(both of the above are correctly named/pathed, unless there’s some error I’ve missed like a half dozen or so times consecutively)
There is a txt file in the “mods” folder (I assume this is why I at least get a blank entry in the play screen).
The numbers are horribly off for all the stats and stuff (I can’t figure out how to appropriately convert actual debt to the debt the game uses, for example) but there are numbers there.
File structure all matches, at least for stuff I’m actually looking at (again, haven’t really managed to get very far, so I don’t have anything in folders like overrides or simulation)

Is there something I’ve overlooked, or…ideas? Help?

Never mind - sorry to anyone who’s now spent time on this. One of the text documents ended up in Unicode, not ANSI. Turns out you shouldn’t do that.