[New Country]Croatia

Hello everyone!

I’m working on the new country that you might enjoy play with, and it’s Croatia.
It’s the newest member of the EU, and it is in a great need of a leader who can change it’s future into a much clearer one.
The country is the heart of the corruption and general problems, and the debt is crippling up. Will you be able to turn it around?

Feel free to comment, suggest, and give feedback! I am keen on improving it as much as I can!

Difficulty: HARD

Changelog (ver. 1.021)

[*] 1.021 - Fixed the game crashing bug with dilemma. [*] Done some work to balance the economy and mod itself [*] Added a new dilemma [*] Fixed some *bugs*
CroatiaMOD - by dakydaky.rar (296 KB)

Game crashes when you choose to “kick him out” in “a member of party cought in bribery” dilemma!

Thanks, that’ll be fixed in the next version! Coming very, very soon.

That’s sorted out, no other changes for now, but soon!

Hi, I just uploaded a copy of the zip and built an exe installer for this mod here:
Where it should get lots of attention :smiley:
Please let em know if you update the mod so I can update those 2 files, Thanks :smiley:

Thank you, you’re the best :slight_smile:

how do i implement this mod into the game cause i am abit new to this