[New Country]Hungary


I made a new country profile for the game Hungary.
New version 1.1:


Also I have a few questions:
How can I set the liberalism and socialism slider like the apathy slider in the mission file?
How can I set the percentage of certain focus groups?
Can I name the parties in the mod files?
Can I limit the minister pictures to european ethnicities? (currently Hungary has minimal non-european population)

I’m thinking about adding new policies and scripts later. But I’d like to polish the this version first

EDIT: Added new upload location
EDIT2: Added new version
-added flag, thanks Abs
-decreased number of situations
-balanced budget
-customised to represent Hungary more

Can we get the zip stored somewhere that doesn’t require registration? If so, I’ll happily give it a whirl.

Uploaded to another site.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for being off topic but you could attach the mod to the post itself instead of uploading it into another site.That would be better I think,personally.

About your questions: You could change most of these using .txt files in the scripts folder of the country. You can make a group membership higher/lower and some other things. About the parties names/minister pictures I think it’s not possible yet,but it seems Cliff was going to implement it (not sure about that).

Sorry, but the file is too big for that, but here is a version without the placeholder flag graphics
Hungarymod_by_molace.zip (5.04 KB)

I never though about the file being too big,sorry about that. I guess it’s because I work more with policies so I forgot about all the flag images and stuff.
I’ll give it a try,thanks!

Didn’t see that anyone helped you with the flag, so here is a quick one that I whipped up for you: http://imgur.com/v6FQgow

What do you mean by background? Sorry, I just bought the game a few hours ago, and have only just started looking into modding.


Added new version to first post:
-added flag, thanks Abs
-decreased number of situations
-balanced budget
-customised to represent Hungary more

I can’t seem to change the socialist and liberal membership size via the scripts!

CreateGrudge(Hungarian Demography,Hungary,Liberal_freq,-0.4,1,0); CreateGrudge(Hungarian Demography,Hungary,Socialist_freq,-0.2,1,0);

Hi there, I hope you don’t mind but I updated the page at positech.co.uk/democracy3/mods.html to include your mod, both as a zip file and also an installer that i did for it. Just let me know if the mod needs updating again :smiley:

Of course I don’t mind. Thank You.

I will always add the new version to the first post.
(I will probably do an update in a few days.)

Debt/GDP ratio is wrong. At start: 783%
Another mods-countries have good numbers. (Austria, Greece and the defaults)
The good number is maybe 78.3?

Thank you for reporting it.
It will be fixed in the next version.

Well, this one was hard (at least to implement my ideals). Twice got assassinated by socialists/communists in about 1,5 years, last time i tried not doing anything and same outcome. Dont know if main page download was up to date, im trying out the version you uploaded here! BTW very big thank you! :slight_smile:

I guess it could be fine tuned not to be so hard later on. (btw my ideals might not be as bad, as with vanilla germany i turned out to have the 95% of votes after second term, 5% not voting :))

BTW I’m more then happy to help develop this mod if you need any help!