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Here is the first working version of my Japan mod. Please let me know what you think.
If Positech wants to post a installer-ified version on the main site, that’s fine.

Looking forward to the feedback!
[P.S. and yes, I’ve put the prices in Yen, so enjoy your starting income of ~30,000 Billion :slight_smile: ]
[sudo]Japan_Mod.zip (187 KB)

Hi Sudo,

tried a bit playing this mod.

Is it your intention that the term length is only 1 year?
The term_length in the japan.txt is measured in 3 month turns.

Japan_readme.txt is not changed, it still states it’s the greek mod by xietanu.

Tried on difficulty 100% and 0%, in both cases I have about no chance to reduce dept (which is extraordinary high) and raise populary.
But perhaps that’s cause of the very small term length.