[New Country] Monkey Island

Finally, my version of Monkey Island on which I have been working the last two weeks is ready for a field test!

I am almost done now, and the current features include:

  • 8 new Policies
  • 4 new Situations (the big green and red buttons)
  • 2 new Simulations (the big blue buttons): Piracy!
  • 2 new Events

There is still a lot of balancing and remodeling to do (for instance, both situations share the same icon, icons in general may need an overhaul), also I want some events for Voodoo and maybe a some more policies.

Let me know what you think! Also, to use some blatantly obvious self-advertising, you can follow my video guide on how this mod was created here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8719

Just throw the unzipped “monkeyisland”-folder into your main Democracy3 directory and add the .txt to your “mods” directory in Democracy 3.
monkeyisland.zip (566 KB)

I registered this site only for to thank you for those guides and this mod.
Waiting furder updates .)

Can save but cannot load the saved games.

Every time I try to load previous save games of this particular mod, the game always crashed to desktop (CTD error).

Hm well I just tried it and it worked for me, so I really don’t know how to help… Maybe it’s gone with the new version (which I will upload this evening)

Redone is must be challanging but this project needs a plan to work things fast.
and I hope you can find to mod the voter groups. Like Captains, scumbags, Officers…
Should a get rid of all the strange policies like cars and airplane things.
…and who knows in the future you can even implement the Monkey Island theme.
If you want any help to reduce workforce, I can help you out too at my spare time.
Looking forward to furder updates:)

You really shouldn’t get your hopes up for stuff like modded voter groups etc, I never intended for this to be an overhaul, but merely an extension to the existing gameplay. At the end of the day, Democracy 3 is not made to support countries that differ radically from ‘normal ones’ by encouraging Piracy and Voodoo.

If you want to see a pirate-themed overhaul, you are very welcome to make one yourself using my files and ideas, but I’m not willing to put that much effort into it, it’s just a hobby on which I like to work every couple of days for an hour or two.

Finally, the newest (and in my point of view, almost finished) version is now up!

Hmm, I used many mods but so far I have no problem with saving and downloading the saved games.

I might give this mod a try again after you released the final version.

Hello there!

Since it’s finally summer I’m now finding the time to do the big overhaul that I’ve been thinking about for months.

The first, not super-interesting part of the update is going to be simply more content. Probably something around 4 new policies and some new events. I’m hopeful that I will be done with this part in the next couple of days.

BUT (added Caps Lock for extra awareness)

The big thing I want to try out in this update will be a storyline. The very first dilemma will present you with the possibility to engage in a storyline which will encompass unique situations and events, and will also offer you a reward once beaten. Since the storyline will develop through dilemmas, there will be a lot of decisions for you to make and different parts of the story to explore. I hope this will increase replayability for this and future mods.

On a side note, if you are speaking german, I will make a german tutorial on my modding prowess (which is actually just messing around with files) on my Youtube channel (also called Raffmonster)