[New Country/New Policies] Austria

Hi there,

I invested some time to create a mod to play the country I’m living in.
This mod adds the country austria and a few new policies implemented by this country.

New Policies:
TV Tax
State TV
Social Service

New Policies since 20.10.2013:
EU Payments
EU Grants
Atomic Power Ban

New changes 31.10.2013:
Sales Tax now 20%
Abortion Law is set to maximum
Saved the icons a different way - hope it works now on MAC

Other Changes since 20.10.2013:
Nice flag graphics -> Thanks to cliffski
Bit better Icons, but still not as nice as I want them
Some Balancing on the Policies (p.e. making StateTV less popular)
New Country and Mod Description

Simply extract the attached archive into your Democracy3-Folder or use the installer.

Known Issues:
Icons are compressed a way that they don’t work on Mac - Thanks to urcle for pointing that out

Zip-File: www11.zippyshare.com/v/72323101/file.html
Installer: www11.zippyshare.com/v/31878071/file.html

I’m wether an expert modder and also not best informed about austrian politics, so I’m glad about every feedback.


  • Nicer icons (they look terrible, I know), fix Icons for Mac <- hopefully done?
  • Political Groups change, so it fits more the austrian political landscape
  • Events change (some really doesn’t fit for austria, especially Island Invaded and Whaling)
  • Balancing new policies

Hope you have fun with this mod,


This looks good!

I’m working on adding Denmark to the game myself, and have it functioning by now. Your policies for state tv, and tv tax is also something that we have in Denmark, so this has inspired me to add similar tax systems to my mod.

I will try and play a mission with Austria and see how it feels.

I hope you don’t mind by I took the liberty of adding a finished flag in the same style as the main game, and wrapped it into an installer and a zip file here:
let me know when you update the mod and I’ll update that page. You probably need a longer country description :smiley:

Hope you have fun with this mod, and looking forward to yours, to try ruling denmark.

No I don’t mind, I even find that very helpful, cause I’ve got not much experience with graphical tools.
Oh yes, a longer country description is planned.
I let you know when there are updates.

This keeps crashing my game when I try to start a new game. I am having the same issue with the Wales mod but not the other nations. Any suggestions?

I currently tried it with the installer and with the zip version, both are not crashing on my machine actually.
But perhaps I forgot to add a file, I deinstall Democracy 3 and try it again.
Let you know what going on.

After reinstalling and having a clean environment, it still works.

Are you using other Mods, perhaps there is some incompatibility.

If you tell me what mods you’ve else installed, I will look if it crashes on my machine too with same configuration.

Any Idea how to install this on a Mac?

Just extracting doesn’t help and the installer is .exe
Would love to rule my (our) country :wink:

If you don’t know how, no problem, i can still use bootcamp and play on windows.

Sorry, I have absolutly no experience with Mac Machines.

If you find somethink that is not correct (like actually the Abortion Law is set wrong for Austria, and Sales-Tax = 21% instead of 20)
please let me know.
Hope it works with bootcamp.

Ok it now works.

I reinstalled the mod, it didnt work.

So I turned off all mods and it played.

I turned all mods back on and it played again.

I am guessing the mod is now working :slight_smile:


Works somehow on Win (Bootcamp) … i see that there is a mod installed, but i can’t choose the country it when i start a game.

I think it has to do with the strange folder structure that you get, when you install d3 via steam … (didn’t try it with other country mods)
Seems like more people having trouble finding the right folder to install mods. I think i’ll try it again tomorrow.

You have to install using the ZIP on the mac. and right now installing mods is unpleasant. I’m working on an update that will make mod installations simple for mac+linux… But for right, basically you have to right click Democracy3 (or ctrl-click) and choose Show Package contents… and put the mod contents in the Contents/Resources folder.

Now for the Austria mod there is some slight issues (at least with the zip version I tested on the main Democracy 3 mod page). Mainly that the icons are DXT1 compressed textures which the mac and linux port currently do not support. Thus you are missing icons in the game.

Nitdz I had trouble with the D3 installer also so I used the zip file instead and simply copied the folders over to the game directory