Here is my mode of country Serbia.


Please try it!

Hi Todor,

there are a few things missing in the zip file.
You need to place \data\mods\Serbia.txt that the game recognizes your mod.

And inside the ‘Serbia’ folder there should be a \data - directory with the 3 folders (bitmaps, missions, names) as subfolders of this \data directory.

I changed everything so the mod was shown inside my game, but whenever I try to play it, it crashes.
Tried to find the reason for the crash, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

I found the problem and fixed it , it seems there was a miss type for the names directory in one of the text files.
Anyway i fixed all of the problems and uploaded it here : Serbia.rar (336 KB)
mega.co.nz/#!o4k0GTCD!am8Aaj2LS … tBlaKx4YF0

i have to say this was nicely done! I can see a lot of detail has gone into this.
Dobro uradjeno prijatelju!
Zivela srbija!


I was updated my zip file with yours changes if somebody try to upload file again. This should work now.

Srbija do Tokija :wink:

Hi, I wrapped this into an installer and uploaded it here:
Let me know it it gets updated.