[New Country] Sweden 0.3

Indeed church in Sweden is almost “standard behaviour” even though not all believe in god. Starting a new game now displays a “religous” group of 15% which in reality is quite high but for a gameplay it can be accepted.

I don’t know if mods could/should cause any issues like that, but I can start my game without any issues.

If you are using steam vesion I’d recommend you to let steam verify integrity of the game cache.
Right click Democracy 3 and select properties, go to the Local Files tab and click the “Verify”-button.
(Secondly if you have the steam-issue you should install the mod via steam workshop)

I can’t help you if you are running the downloaded issue. Try disabling the mod in game and see if you can play it to nail down if the mod is really causing the issue.

No worries, I was able to get it working. Thanks.

Great mod, at first sight!

A few suggestions, to add realism and Swedishness:

  • No oil supply.
  • Great Foreign Relations.

Policies that should be present:

  • Carbon tax, instead of petrol tax and airline tax.
  • Work Safety Law.
  • Art Subsidies.
  • Gambling.

I’ve not fiddled with this mod in quite some time but I will definitely look into these suggestions when i decide to update it!