New Country: Turkey

It would be very interesting thing to play. Leaning to west vs east, islam vs secularism, immigration crisis, economic crisis, relations with EU. You should add it. Or maybe in a dlc: caucasion, balkan, middle east, like democracy 3 africa? (I know all regions involves Turkey :slight_smile: , that is how much I want it.).

Secondly, are you considering leaning more into foreign relations in the future?
For example:

  • Visible countries e.g Italy doing good on Education and all of the college students in my country wants to go there or Spain’s GDP is very low so I should expect a migration wave soon.

  • starting trade wars on them, or trade aggreements

  • Lending them money and influincing their policies, kind of like US and Marshall plan

  • Building an EU-like union, based on region, religion or language

  • Maybe even wars?

Do you have plans like these or will the game stay the same in its coverage?