new crapjob

A woman/man has to do what a woman/man has to do right…

So, here it goes

[general]name = stripper1
guiname = Lapdancer
maledesc = Lapdancer/Stripper
femaledesc = Lapdancer/Stripper
employer = Bada Bing Nightclub
workplace = club
industry = crapjobs
minsalary = 11875
maxsalary = 14600
tips = 4,35
locked = 0
rarity = 0.89
sociability = 0.75
socialkudos = 0.1
promote0 = confidence
promote1 = happiness
promote2 = iq
commutedistance = 5.1
duration = -1

0 = fitness,0.18
1 = muscles,0.05
2 = iq_knowledge,0.20

0 = tiredness,0.24,_TIRED_DEGRADE
1 = peopleskills,0.01,_JOBXP_DEGRADE
2 = alcohol,0.01,_JOBXP_DEGRADE

Take care


Nice, especially the employer :smiley:

Hey thats cool, wouldn’t it be cool though if you had a slider for attractiveness in the game when you pick your IQ, Happiness, Confidence and culture at the start. That way It can serve as a barrier to jobs such as stripping and modelling say. On another note i added an activity called masturbation in solo activity, i thought it was a little amusing to do so and when i heard male_sigh .ogg play when i clicked on said activity, i was further enthralled. :slight_smile:

Oh, very nice indeed!!! most people’s favorite solo activity entered at last. Definitely should be in the game, but probably would get too many objections to be included! Increases happiness, I take it?

Adds to happiness, reduces energy, doesn’t cost anything. Makes you feel pathetic.


really opens up a lot of shopping options :laughing: