New Democracy 3:Africa Developer video


Africa will have new artwork and music and obviously a whole new set of events and dilemmas relevant to the massive continent of Africa and the diverse set of countries within it. the countries you can govern are Nigeria , Egypt , south Africa , Kenya , Ghana Zambia , Tunisia , Botswana and Mauritius. it’s got a rough PC/mac release data of q1 2016 .

but why Africa? when i told some friends about it they said , why Africa? who is interested in African politics?

and that’s of the point , he added . in the west , we tend to think of Africa as either the target of charity fund -raising concerts , or somewhere to go on a safari. we never think about the African economies , or Africa industry or exports .let not forget Africa is home to a billion people. across many countries there are a melting pot of problem and opportunities including in some cases, intense corruption and very low levels of literacy and infrastructure .it all makes for a fascinating experiment in political strategy , and democracy 3 has been successful enough that he can afford to take a risk on a version of the game that at first glance might not make commercial sense.