New developer blog (#69 : Delete all areas!)


By my calculation, I will need a vehicle to pass through two slots concurrently for 100% detection. Similarly, the vehicle then needs to pass through two repair slots concurrently to assure a 100% defect free vehicle.
The research options on these look good and I hope to see the fresh new graphics soon.

The company logo view is much improved and looks good.

I would like to suggest that the Imports are listed alphabetically. I also have a suggestion that the ANY option is done away with as its the same essentially as PREFER LOCAL (which I think should be the default). This will reduce the need for micromanagement of the game. Alternatively there should be a global preference setting.

I am glad to see that the area delete functionality is finally being built. This has been much sought after. I do hope that there will also be a shortcut key for this function.

Now, not all is well in the land of Production Line. Cliffski. How could you want to include modding into the game?
I know that you generate more money in sales by having a game with modding abilities. And yet you also create more bugs due to badly designed mods which in turn lends itself to horrid reviews on steam.
Simple math more Mods may be greater sales but worse reviews.

I personally detest mods and have recently begun to veer away from games companies that use them for the simple reason that its become a development trend in the industry to build a base game and then let others develop the engaging content (for free) while the publisher rakes in the money.
I am not a member of the snowflake generation. I buy products that are well thought of, well designed and engaging. The moment that a product becomes “open source” for lack of a better word. I am out. I will support DLC’s not mods.

You may argue that I have the choice to use a mod or not. Here is an example.

I played a city builder game that is currently very popular. The game launched with modding capabilities and I had no issue with it. After a little game play I noticed that placing trees was not well designed and that I had to place trees individually.
A tree brush would be great i thought. I will then be able to place trees in masses. NOT SO. I followed the forums. Made suggestions.
A tree brush mod was uploaded by a content creator on the workshop. It is very popular, rated 5 stars. I do not use mods. I would love to but I rather play vanilla games.
The developer was keen to include this function into the base game at first. But then the mod came out. Now the developer simply says ‘use the mod’.
That’s me saying NO TO MODS.

I do however FULLY SUPPORT bigger factories.

This is your game Cliffski, your vision. I do however wonder why a developer whom has previously said he does not intend to include mods, now have a change of heart?

It’s my understanding that in this blog version that if you run a car through one visual inspection that you’ll find 80% of defects, and if you run it through two in a row you’ll find 96% of defects, and if you run it through three in a row you’ll find 99.2% of defects.

If you’ve upgraded the visual inspection slot you’ll find 99% of defects if you run a car through two of them and 99.9% if you go through three.

Running cars through rework won’t always fix them, but you can loop around if a defect is still present, and go through rework again, until it’s gone.