New developer blog (#81)


So I started a brand new factory on the Detroit map. I did not have any breakdowns, until after I placed my Maintanance shop. Then a few popped up, but none of them were very detrimental, or caused any major issues.

The main issue I struggled with was getting the defects under control. The Percentage dropped and my cars quit selling. So I had to sink all my research into getting that researched and getting that rework shop up and running. It took days in game, and right now, I am so far behind all my competitors in features its funny. Now I am not complaining, I think this is awesome. Its making me choose to get the defects under control, or to just make features and hope I can sell enough Deloreans and Yugos to get to the point where I can get the defects under control. Also, I love the fact that Marketing is no longer optional. if you want to make money, you will need Marketing to bring in the people. Its been a while since I have played, a couple of months as I played other games. But like all Great sim/tycoon games, I came back, and can have just as much fun this time as last time. ( I still go back and play Chris Sawyers Transport Tycoon every year or so, and Civilization Call to Power as well)

So back to this one, since I last really got into it, so much has improved and changed. The balance is much better, and the Fit Doors is no where near the bottleneck it used to be.

The Postcard photo, thats awesome.

Anyway, Thanks for all the work on this game, I love it. Great work and dedication.

Thanks for everything. Chris

Awesome :smiley: