New developer blog cvideo (#62) Robots!


Great video as always Cliffski, but where is the hat? Seriously, you need to merchandise these. Maybe at $17.99 as well.

A few thoughts.

  1. The blue background is a lot friendlier on the eyes certainly, but I feel that it needs some texture. Take a look at the default textures below, would that not work?
  2. Thank you for the explanation as to how the Fit Door Panels slot works. I always assumed that the unbalanced ordering was a part of gameplay. Silly me.
  3. Loving the new Research Queue system, its a big improvement, and really a handy tool to be able to reallocate research priorities
  4. The cleaner GUI is also much easier to read.
  5. Thank you for fixing the graphics bug, now I can step away for a coffee break without having to worry about that.

You asked a few questions:

  1. The pricing of Robots should definitely increase in relation to the slot price.
  2. Scientists should get paid more, especially in line with the cost of beard upkeep.
  3. Blueprints. Just love it, the idea that I can layout my factory prior to build was a fantastic idea. I am hoping that the blueprints will also be available for slots not yet researched.

Pity that the variable stockpile sizes will wait a little bit, but agreeably blueprints are better.

Thanks again for a awesome game Cliffski (and wear the hat).

Textures below: