New Developer video blog (luxury car options)


Its time for another cool Production Line developer video. I’m showing off the editor, and talking about the new luxury car items we are adding in the next build.


Yessssss! Can’t wait! When is next build going up you you think?

Also I haven’t played in a month or two, but please, please consider adding a “clearance sale” option in the sales room for selling the cars that were already there when we made slight adjustments to the production line and aren’t selling. Basically a button that opens a tab that allows us to set a lower price for that car/or little group.


Hi Cliff,

Is it possible to turn the music off during the dev blog? It will be easier to hear and understand you.

Nice update. I can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


I’m sorry, Cliff, I can contain myself no longer.


Aha…so basically its mostly an overhead conveyor problem, with a bit of a glitch with the car at the bottom. I’ll find a fix for this at some point!