New dilemma: Territorial expansion?

How about a dilemma that focuses on territorial expansion or purchasing territory?

Basically, your nation is given a rare chance to expand it’s borders, or buy new land. Or even a dilemma that basically says that your nation fought in a battle, and is now given the option to have total control over the lands it has military control over.

I’m not exactly sure on what would happen, but I’d say if you accepted new land, it’d hurt your economy a bit at first, but eventually pay off. If you are given the option to have new land as the spoils of war, throw in less support from liberals.

I’d like stuff like this, but its awkward because the countries are real ones, so you need to find a convincing situation for each one to acquire new land.

True. The US could have an option to add a new State to the Union.

Meanwhile, Russia would have a slightly bigger chance of expanding borders (Border disputes with China, etc) but with different problems. (Riots due to the land arguably “stolen” from China?)

Of course, since international politics aren’t simulated, it looks like we’ll have to wait untill Superpower 2 is released for this to make more sense. (Or a simple international politics thing is put in)

Here’s two ideas for expansion:

  1. Like America purchased Alaska, it could be something look : (insert country name) is running extremely short on funds, and is willing to sell land (in a way, this could also be an option for your nation to get more income)

  2. I was working on modding my own nation, and the plot line was that World War 3 happened, and a bunch of new nations formed, so in a way you could figure your own storyline, which would allow pretty much anythng.