new dilemmas

I’d like to point out that because the new dilemmas (housing expansion and people smuggling) are not in the same format, I cannot have them on my computer without Democracy becoming unable to start.

really? what version of the game are you running here? and hat errors occur?

Version that can get updates from the internet.

Running on win98.

I can go into the game, but after selecting a nation to play as, it begins loading and then quits the game.

It seems to me that the formats in the new dilemmas were different from those of the older dilemmas.

hmmm. that should not be the case at all. if you delete the new dilemmas it runs ok?

yeah, I tried.

could you email me the debug files (from the debugdata directory) after the game crashes in this way (cliff AT positech
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

debug files have been sent